Job Description

PURPOSE: The ECM Supervisor will provide services including treatment program development to individuals
severely impacted by autism spectrum disorders. The ECM Supervisor will provide ongoing coaching for
treatment program implementation to parents/caregivers, bachelor’s level therapists and habilitation providers.
The ECM will be part of a collaborative team consisting of parents and/or caregivers, habilitation providers, a
bachelor’s level therapist, as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. The ECM Supervisor will provide
direct support to members and /or their families, in their own homes and community settings in compliance with
all regulations and policies related to Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) and other regulatory

? State of AZ Prevention and Support Training
? State of AZ Article 9 Training
? ABA Ethical Guidelines, Specialized Habilitation Policies and Procedures Training
? A license to practice psychology or behavior analysis in the state of Arizona, or
? A Master’s degree in behavior analysis, psychology, special education, or related field and
? 15 (fifteen) hours of graduate level coursework in behavior analysis, and
? Six (6) months of full-time, supervised employment in behavior analysis under the supervision of
    a certified behavior analyst,
? Certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, must be supervised by a Licensed Behavior

? Assist ISP teams and family members in managing challenging behaviors through a thorough
    understanding of the purpose and function of a behavior.
? Develop positive behavioral supports derived from behavioral assessment
? Conduct a functional analysis of a challenging behavior.
? Develop with the ISP team and family members a positive behavioral supports plan (Treatment
? Model the implementation of the plan for family members and/or direct service staff, including
    the teaching of alternative or replacement behavior.
? Train family members and/or direct service staff in the plan and monitor their usage of the plan
? Review and graph data related to treatment program goal progress, weekly.
? Review data with the ISP team members and other interested parties as to the success of the
? Provide follow-up consultation to ensure proper implementation of the designated teaching
    strategies; revise the plan as needed.
? Supervise ECH, ECB Assistant Supervisor and parent implementation of the Treatment
    Program to ensure treatment integrity and fidelity.
? Collaborate with ECB Assistant Supervisor, BCBA and Parents to ensure coordination of
    services (clinic dates, hourly ECH) and implementation of treatment plan.
? Services must be provided one-on-one in the home or community based on goals.
   10/30/14 ECM Therapist
? Maintain a consistent schedule with family; demonstrating reliability and predictability.

? Ability to physically assist members as needed including lifting/transferring up to 50 lbs.
? Ability to walk, kneel, stand and bend in order to assist members with activities of daily living
? Patience; Ability to exercise restraint and self-control in potentially high stress, challenging
? Ability to quickly respond to health, safety and emergency situations
? Ability to effectively execute all positions highlighted in Prevention and Support Training